Our Cirriculum

In our attempts to follow the footsteps of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, SSU has stepped up its game to unite in service to Allah’s creation. We’ve expanded our discussion topics to not only learn more about ourselves and our deen, but to empower ourselves with knowledge about the world we live in. We invite you to build bonds of sisterhood through service, ibadah and discovery.

SSU Cohorts

Junior SSU: 11-13
Senior SSU: 14-19
Mentors: 20-25

 * Youth mentors are given the opportunity to grow into strong mentors through regular training with advisors. 



Our Structure

Weekly Halaqas & Service Projects: meetings will alternate from on site halaqas & activities at a central location and an off site service project chosen by the girls so that they can continue to build meaningful relationships with the surrounding community


Monthly Hangouts:

Once a month events in which girls can choose a recreational activity and hang out to enjoy company and candid conversation. Hangouts will have a short talk by a guest speaker before the open discussion.

Compass Series:

Classes or seminars led by scholars or students of knowledge, providing opportunity for more rigorous Islamic education